Leaping into a new horizon

Palestine Technopark hosted Palestine's national competition for the World Robot Olympiad.Cybersecurity Technical Day at Palestine Technopark: A Day of Enlightening Insights and ExpertisePalestine Techno Park launches The Palestine Technology Diaspora NetworkToBe Program Celebrates Empowerment and Innovation for the New Generation in Neuro Science


Establishing a Creative Hub: Palestine Techno Park and SEC Forge Pioneering Partnership

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Palestine Technopark Launches "Hike-Up" Program to Boost Tourism Entrepreneurship in Palestinian Heritage Trail

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Where novel ideas meet innovation. Our innovation labs are your safe space to run experiments and iterate on projects. Get access to technological infrastructure and transform ideas into products.

The Palestine - India Techno Park

  • Introducing Emerging Technologies
  • Building Industry - University Linkages
  • Supporting the Entrepreneurship Eco-System
  • Creating the Ideal Business Environment
  • Inviting and Hosting Multinational Companies
  • Advancing Research & Development
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