Our Future/Master Plan

Vision for Environmental Sustainability:

Our vision is rooted in the creation of a distinctive and environmentally sustainable landmark within the Park. The long-term development plan for Phase I, covering an expansive 20,000m2, aims to establish a physical architecture that not only embraces interconnectedness but also fosters an integrated and synergistic network of research and business environments.

Key Features of the Park:

1. Landscape Design for Visual Appeal:

  • Buildings are strategically arranged around a central collaborative green open space, enhancing visual interest.
  • Multiple smaller green areas, plazas, pocket parks, shared landscaping, and pedestrian pathways create a harmonious environment.
  • Interdisciplinary nodes between buildings and green areas promote cross-disciplinary collaboration.

2. Utility Infrastructure Networks:

  • Robust utility infrastructure networks, including a Fiber Optic network, water supply network, electrical and street lighting network, stormwater network, and wastewater network.
  • Implementation of a wastewater treatment plant to ensure sustainable water management practices.

3. Diverse Accommodation Spaces:

  • The Park is designed to accommodate a diverse range of research, business, and technology activities.
  • The projected built-up area spans approximately 35,000m2, providing ample space for innovation and collaboration


Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond the physical structure. The thoughtful integration of green spaces, efficient utility networks, and diverse activity areas underscores our dedication to creating a dynamic and eco-friendly environment. The Palestine India Techno Park aspires to be more than a hub for innovation; it aims to be a model for sustainable development, where research, business, and technology coalesce in harmony with nature.