Governance Structure

The governance structure of the Palestine Techno Park (PTP) is characterized by a non-profit organizational framework, overseen by a Board of Directors. This board comprises representatives from two pivotal entities: Birzeit University and the Tech Forum.

1. Birzeit University:

 As a prominent educational institution, Birzeit University plays a significant role in shaping the strategic direction of the Palestine Techno Park. The university's representatives on the Board of Directors contribute expertise from the academic realm, ensuring that the initiatives align with educational objectives and promote collaboration between academia and industry.

2. Tech Forum:

The Tech Forum, a non-profit organization established by IT pioneers from the private sector, brings a business-oriented perspective to the governance of PTP. Its representatives on the board contribute insights and strategies rooted in private sector experiences, focusing on empowering youth and fostering technological innovation.

The collaboration between Birzeit University and the Tech Forum signifies a synergy between academia and industry, a crucial alliance in the pursuit of PTP's mission to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Palestine. The non-profit nature of PTP underscores its commitment to community development, technological advancement, and the promotion of innovation within the region. The Board of Directors, with its diverse representation, plays a key role in steering the organization towards its goals and ensuring a balanced approach that serves the interests of both academia and the private sector.

Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Talal Shahwan, President of Birzeit University – Chairperson - Birzeit University.
  • Mr. Ala Alaeddin, Vice Chiarman -  Tech Forum.
  • Mr. Saad Abdul Hadi, Secretary of the Board -  Tech Forum.
  • Mr. Jamil Daher, Treasurer - Tech Forum.
  • Dr. Rana Khatib - Birzeit University.

This diverse and experienced Board of Directors reflects the collaboration between Birzeit University and the Tech Forum, ensuring a balanced representation of academic and industry perspectives. The unique skill set and affiliations of each member contribute to the effective governance and strategic direction of the Palestine Techno Park.

Management Team:

  • Mr. Ala Alaeddin, Executive Board Member.
  • Ms. Walaa Samara, Director of Programs.
  • Mr. Abdlallah Abu Latifeh, Finance and Admin Coordinator.
  • Ms. Amal Hamdan, Programs and Communications Coordinator.

This dedicated and skilled management team  plays a crucial role in driving the vision and mission of the Palestine Techno Park. Each member brings unique expertise to their respective roles, contributing to the overall success and impact of the organization in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in Palestine.

Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board, consisting of distinguished individuals with expertise in academia, government representation, and international relations, serves as a crucial resource for the Palestine Techno Park. Their collective insights and guidance play a pivotal role in shaping the park's strategic direction, fostering partnerships, and ensuring its success in supporting technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Palestine.

  • Dr. Hanna Nasir: Ex-Chairperson of Birzeit University Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Majdi Khaldi: Representative of the office of the President of the State of Palestine
  • The Indian Ambassador to the State of Palestine

Technichal Advisory Committee:

The Technical Advisory Committee, comprised of professionals with diverse technical backgrounds and international experience, plays a vital role in guiding the Palestine Techno Park. Their collective knowledge and expertise contribute to shaping the technological direction, innovation strategies, and industry relevance of the park, ensuring its success in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

  • Mr. Mohammed Suwwan: Sales Specialist at Cisco Systems in Munich, Germany.
  • Dr. Jad Najjar: Co-Founder and CEO of Eummena.
  • Mr. Ray Milhem: Founder and CEO of MILHEM DTL (MDTL), LLC.
  • Mr. Faris Alami: Founder and CEO of ISM.
  • Mr. Ramsey Kandah: Founder and Managing Partner of Foothill Technology Solutions.